• Friendly user interface
  • Simple operation, easy to learn with one hour training
  • Precise ball screw + sever drive, fast and accurate positioning
  • 00 level granite stage for X-Y stable motion
  • Generates specified reports automatically or manually classified statistics defects
  • 24/7 professional services
  • Highest cost-effective AOI repair on the market



  • Automatically turns on/off the vacuum in production
  • Autofocus with high resolution screen
  • Three-way lighting resources: coaxial, ring and scattering
  • 25X -100X magnification to adapt to different linewidth boards
  • Three kinds of alignment modes for operators
  • Automatically identifies
    alignment points with 'Go' button
  • Fast and convenient operations with the keypad
  • 'Mark specific defects' function to avoid missing any defects
  • Increases productivity with 'cover up scrapped unit regional defects' function
  • Maximizes the productivity with 'same window confirmation function' to avoid repeatedly confirming the same field.
  • Prevents undetected human activity with the 'key defects alarm' function
  • 'Displacement compensation' function to compensate for missing the overall offset in the plate edge
  • Improves former process capability with the 'common defect judgment' function
  • Provides other customized functions and repair systems