Optima’s DS2 series is the world’s first inline double-sided AOI system. Reaching 4 times the speed of traditional AOI systems along with zero job switching time, our dynamic registration patented-technology enables customers to fully automate their production.


Optima DS2 is able to link up with etching lines that are common in the market. With industrial series number-marking facilities and automatic loaders, DS2 enables a high level of automation in order to minimize human manipulation, process delay and quality degradation.


DS2 analyzes defects from etching lines in real-time and reports to workstations. Manufacturing process errors can thus be fixed in real-time, and the scrap rate is minimized.


The automation technology of DS2 enables production cost reductions in various aspects, such as manpower, space requirement, equipment investment, and energy consumption. The total cost saving is up to 50% (Based on cost per scan calculation).

Revolutionary image acquisition and processing has placed Optima Limited at the forefront of automated optical inspection development. With core competencies in AOI manufacturing and defect detection services, Optima is dedicated to providing PCB manufacturers high production efficiency, low running costs and improved product quality.